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Cub Scout Pack 44
(James Island, South Carolina)
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Cub Scout Pack 44 -- James Island, SC 


Welcome and we hope that you'll find this website for our Pack to be very helpful and informative.  We meet at St. James Episcopal Church located at 1872 Camp Road, James Island, normally, during the school year.  Cub Scouts are further divided into smaller groups called "Dens".  More about each Den can be found at the "Dens by Grade" link on the left side of this page.
  • 1st Grade boys are called "Tiger" scouts.
  • 2nd Grade boys are "Wolf" scouts.
  • 3rd Grade boys are "Bear" scouts.
  • 4th Grade boys are "WEBELOS 1" scouts ... aka "Jr. Webelos"
  • 5th Grade boys are "WEBELOS 2" scouts ... aka "Sr. Webelos"

     If you are new to scouting or are just looking up some information, I hope this website will be helpful.  If you are interested in joining us, please contact the Cubmaster.

Den Assignments:

If you have questions about what group your son(s) belong to, "click here".  This web page should answer any questions you have about the den your son(s) will be assigned to and what the differences are with each of the dens.  

Current Den Leaders


Pack Calendar:

Several of our dens meet on Monday nights from 7:00 - 8:00pm during the "School Year".  Some dens meet at other times and locations.   Once a month we will have a Pack Meeting or a special Pack event.   This is the time when awards are given out and boys get to tell what they did and learned for the last month.   "SCHEDULE"


Annual Dues:

Every new scout or adult leader of Pack 44 must complete an application form.  These will be provided upon request.  For adults that wish to register as leaders, there is no cost to you.  The Pack pays for the processing fee since you are graciously donating you time.

Annual Dues for Scouts:

  • Annual Dues - $60 -- due by the end of September
  • Fees are subject to change based on the national council.



     The scouts of Pack 44 are strongly urged to wear the top half of the appropriate "Scout Uniforms" for the den to which they assigned but it is not mandatory or immediately needed.  The most important item to purchase for your scout is the handbook for his den.  This has all of the requirements they will need to earn badges and awards.  You will find everything that is required for the boys as well as the current costs.  Uniforms as well as handbooks and other accessories can be purchased at the local "Scout Store" located at 9297 Medical Plaza Dr., North Charleston, SC -- Coastal Carolina Council.